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About the Zimdars Company


The Zimdars Company, Inc. is a third generation, independent life insurance sales and consulting firm located in Madison, Wisconsin for over 65 years.  Our firm specializes in business insurance, life settlements, long term care insurance, and personal estate planning insurance.  Rather than represent a particular insurance company, we work as independent agents and consultants to represent our clients.  After we consult with our clients to identify and assess their insurance needs, we evaluate and recommend the insurance companies and policies that best meet their needs.  We believe it is very important for our clients to understand their insurance program and our recommendations.  Therefore, all of our analyses and recommendations are detailed in writing.  We encourage our clients to keep our insurance reports for future reference, and we provide copies of our reports to our clients’ other professional advisors.  We expect our recommendations and our service to stand the test of time.

We desire to have longstanding relationships with our clients.  Our highly trained professional staff has over 100 years of combined insurance experience that enables us to provide prompt service and accurate information to our clients.  We also maintain a toll-free number for our clients’ convenience, as well as a website of helpful reference information.  Testimonials regarding our services from several highly regarded attorneys and CPAs are included in the Resource Center on our website.

Our services include:

  • An evaluation of the amount and type of life, disability, and long term care insurance needed for our client’s business and personal financial planning.


  • The review of our client’s existing insurance program, including a review of the insurance company and the policy’s ability to meet the client’s insurance needs in a cost effective manner.


  • The coordination of the client’s personal insurance program with their personal estate plan, including their wills and trusts.


  • The coordination of the client’s business insurance program with the appropriate legal documents, including buy/sell agreements and employee benefit programs.

Our commitment to personal service, our independent representation of our clients (rather than a particular insurance company), our objective consulting, and full written disclosure of our analyses and recommendations differentiate us from many of our competitors in the insurance industry.